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Memory Mindset Passing the California Bar Exam

focus memory mindset Jun 04, 2017



"If there was one person who really helped it was you. I passed the California Bar exam. Only 39% passed. It was really scary as you know."

- Josephine

If you were to rate your memory on a scale of...

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SuperHuman Podcast - Applying Memory Techniques to your Life

memory Feb 15, 2017



Becoming SuperHuman Podcast

If you missed it, here's the podcast I did with Jonathan Levi experienced entrepreneur and angel investor from Silicon Valley. Listen in for some great tips!

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10 Tips to Improve Your Memory

memory Jan 14, 2017



Read to the bottom to test out your skills

1. Prime yourself

When something sparks your interest your attention generally increases along with your memory. Use this natural process to boost your ability...

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How to Memorise a Pack of Cards in 5 Minutes

memory Jun 11, 2016



A few days back I received a Tweet from @LeighStirrup asking if it was possible to learn how to memorise a pack of cards in 4 weeks and then do it live on an internet radio show in just 3/4 minutes. It was...

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