Priming for Daily Success

focus Dec 15, 2017



The Power of Priming

Priming is one of those things that we are constantly exposed to, it affects the decisions we make, what we pay attention to and believe it or not, what we remember.

"Priming is where the exposure to one stimulus, influences the response to another stimulus"

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Have you ever been in that situation where you buy a new gadget and you start to 'notice' that other people have the same gadget? I remember buying an iPhone 5 when it first came out and I could swear before I bought it, hardly anyone had one. Then, the first day, it was like everyone had one! To be fair that may have 'actually' been the case. The point is I was primed, my interest had been sparked off and I was unconsciously aware of this item. What if you could:

  • Take 'control' of what you were primed for?
  • Be aware of what you unconsciously pay attention to?
  • Prime yourself for daily success?

Think about it.

  • If you...
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Memory Mindset Passing the California Bar Exam

focus memory mindset Jun 04, 2017



"If there was one person who really helped it was you. I passed the California Bar exam. Only 39% passed. It was really scary as you know."

- Josephine

If you were to rate your memory on a scale of 1-10, 1 being very poor and 10 being outstanding, what number would you choose?

What I've observed over the years is, in reality a persons memory ability is way better than they give it credit for. There is usually an area or two that doesn't perform as well as a person would like and because of this there is a general sense of a 'poor memory'. Think about it...

Trust is Key

How much do you trust your own memory? What do you tell yourself about how good your memory is? What words do you use to describe it? The beliefs you hold can have a massive impact on how your memory performs. I've seen this time and time again working with clients. This is why creating an unstoppable mindset on how good your memory is now and how great it can be is an essential...

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