Memory is a Skill - 5 Key Memory Behaviours and Memory Palaces

masterclass memory May 20, 2018



When it comes to your memory, there is good news and bad news

  • The good news: a great memory is a skill and like any skill, you can learn how to use and improve it.
  • The bad news: memory is a skill and like any skill, it takes effort, energy and dedication to learn how to use and improve it.

May's Memory Masterclass

In the latest Memory Talk Masterclass, I covered 5 key memory behaviours that can help build your memory skill. Specifically focussing in on the 3rd Key memory behaviour - Memory Palaces

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  • 5 key memory behaviours (1:43)
  • Memory palace challenges and a deep dive on Virtual memory palaces (5:02)


  • multi-matrix memory palaces (14:33)
  • memory palaces and the 5 steps for names (16:18)
  • what to do when a Memory Palace changes (24:51)
  • how useful is emotion? (26:07)
  • make your behaviours into tiny habits® (26:45)

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