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Limitless Coaching

My names Mark, author of Improve Your Memory and The Memory Workbook, for the past 20 years I've worked as a Trainer and Coach. During this time I have been lucky enough to have had several other careers, Actor in London's West End and Lead Product Manager for organisations such as the BBC, Microsoft, The Telegraph. This blend of experience has given me the opportunity to share a set unique of strategies that help people break through their limits, find their passion and create a more ideal work/play/relax balance.

Limitless Coaching

Limitless Coaching combines strategies from the following disciplines:

  • Executive coaching for Founders, SMEs, Founders and CEOs who want to perform at their highest level
  • Lean coaching for Product managers, Entrepreneurs and Business owners (building the mindsets, tools and strategies to create problem/solution fit and product/market fit)
  • Life coaching for anyone looking to create a better balance in their life between work, play and family
  • Memory coaching Students of all ages, Speakers, Presenters, Actors, Life-long learners and any of the above looking to learn faster and learn smarter



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