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Module 1 - Foundations

How much do you trust your own memory? How you talk to yourself and the beliefs you hold can have a massive impact on how your memory performs. Create unstoppable mindsets, behaviours and open up your mind to a new way of thinking.

Get Clarity

Up your motivation levels, discover the time rich formula and define what skills and knowledge will create the greatest impact in your life.

Tiny HabitsĀ®

Throughout the course you will create tiny habits that make it easy to seamlessly integrate all of the skills you learn into your life.

Building Blocks

Introduction to Creative Memorisation! Learn how to make things stick for weeks and even months using Dialling up and Movie Magic.

Lightning Focus

Make mind-wandering a thing of the past. Increase your ability to pay attention, concentrate and get in the zone instantly.

Module 2 - Superhuman Memory

Building an outstanding memory is a 'skill'. In this module you will learn the same strategies used by Memory Champions that give you seemingly superhuman memory abilities.


Most people don't understand how powerful this strategy is, use it to remember conversations, things to do, meeting actions, networking details, presentations, lectures, physical movements and more...


Better known as Memory Palaces or Method of Loci. Create a vast storage library in your mind. Use it to keep up-to-date with the latest in your domain, pass exams or recall facts, numbers and statistics or remember books.

Module 3 - Complex Information

Ever have a break-through moment when you are learning something new? These lessons will take you beyond your limits, demonstrating how you can use Creative Memorisation to complex information.

Reference Stories

Learn how to take any type of information and make it more memorable, from languages, technical terms and facts.

Number Magic

Do the impossible! These lessons will blow your mind as you prove your skills memorising the first 100 digits of PI.

Module 4 - Think Smart Part 1

Would you like to confidently stand up and give a presentation without notes? Or be able to influence with data and statistics? This module will show you how to use what you have learned in the real world.

Word Smarts

Public speaking is one of the top fears for many people. Give confident talks without notes (in meetings or on stage), plus learn word for word.

Emotional Smarts

Listen deeply, increase your emotional intelligence and remember facts in conversations. Wow colleagues and friends by remembering names

Number Smarts

Where do numbers show up in your life? Learn how to remember the numbers that matter. Recite the latest statistics and research in your field.

Module 5 - Think Smart Part 2

Whatever field you work in, having a deep knowledge of your domain creates confidence that not only feels 'great' but also moves you forward to perform at your highest levels, creating impact in your career or business.

Picture Smarts

Make learning difficult concepts fast and easy. Increase your comprehension when reading or listening using visual note-taking and mind mapping.

Accelerated Learning

Simple and powerful strategies to rapidly increase the rate at which you not just learn intellectually but get knowledge AND skills into your body.

Module 6 - Become an Expert in Your Field

Integrate all of the High Performance strategies that you have learned into your life and become like an expert in your field (or just enjoy the ride).

Expert Strategies

Design a core set of habits, behaviours and strategies to increase productivity. Setting you on a path of continuous growth towards achieving your goals.

Memory Power

Rehearsal is the key to success! Designing your daily brain training workout to keeps yourself sharp, focused, smart and at the top of your game.

What People Say

"If there was one person who really helped it was you. I passed the California Bar exam. Only 39% passed. It was really scary as you know. Just today I was thinking of how you got me through. It still brings tears to my eyes. I am working in my own practice saving my poor clients who have been denied social security benefits and I was asserting in the car at the top of my voice - I have everything I need within in me now. I am up to my neck in briefs."

Josephine Balakrishnan

"I can say without doubt that some of the techniques Mark shared on the course were amazingly useful and powerful for me and I now use them every day. Some of this stuff works like magic! My favourite example is that Mark gave me some tips for remembering lots of people's names in a business setting in a very natural way. A little bit of practise and one week later I ran a meeting with 15 people I had never met before and I could easily remember and use everyone's name! Wow! "

Mark Goodwin
Sales Consultant

"Mark is not only a fantastic coach but an inspiration. He has a gift of being able to stir up your energy and help you focus it on whatever objective you desire. As a coach he's resourceful, creative, and really helps you break down any barriers you have to being able to get the result you require."

Phill Ash

"My memory was so bad that I forgot to call my mom on her birthday. Fast forward a bit over a year later and I can now remember anything, including fun stuff like 200 digits of Pi or Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech. That's how good Mark is."

Emi Gal

"Working with Mark has changed my life. I have struggled with memory for many years, living with chronic health conditions that affect my cognitive function and memory. His compassion, action, coaching and amazing teaching have enabled me to learn ways to remember, to build confidence in my memory and myself"

Grace Quantock
Wellness Provocateur


6 Modules to Supercharge Your Brain


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