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8-Week Memory Sprint

Want to create an unstoppable mindset, keep your brain sharp, and unlock your superhuman memory? Together we'll design a personalised training programme to reduce stress, increase your focus and learn anything fast.

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12-Week Side-Hustle Sprint

When you have a side-hustle you have to maximise your time, energy and resources to make it happen (I've been there I know!). Practical strategies and High Performance Coaching to transform your dream into reality.

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20-Week Founder Sprint

If you are a Founder then life moves fast. Gain clarity, uncover hidden challenges and increase confidence in your decisions as you raise investment, create a high performing team and work towards product/market fit.

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How Sprints Work

Sprints are time-boxed to create clarity and drive actions that move the dial in your life and business.

Each sprint is personalised to meet your specific set of goals, outcomes and challenges.

Sessions are one to one for 60 minutes and run bi-weekly for maximum accountability. You'll also receive a blanket of support via Text Coaching outside of the 1-1 sessions.

Sprints are a mix of high performance coaching with training in practical strategies that maximise your time, impact and results.

The Process

  • Get Clarity: we work together to craft the right objectives and key results for the programme
  • The Right Strategy: practical coaching that creates a strategy you can immediately act upon.
  • Design Habits: coaching in habit design to create momentum without the need for motivation.
  • Mindset Coaching: create unstoppable mindsets so you perform at your best in any situation.
  • Track Progress: use our app to capture goals, track progress and analyse where to improve. 
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7+ Video Courses

As a 1-1 client you automatically get instant access to courses on rapid learning, emotional intelligence and more.

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Extra Group Coaching

On top of your 1-1 sessions you will also gain access to the monthly High Performance Mastermind Group coaching sessions.

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Text Coaching Support

As a 1-1 client you get a blanket of text support via our app. Keep on track with your goals, overcome challenges and get results.

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The Memory Sprint

8 Weeks: 4 x 60min Sessions

Design an unstoppable mindset, unleash your Superhuman Memory, Increase Focus and Implement a set of High Performance Habits.

You'll receive 1-1 mentorship, plus the latest cutting edge memory, accelerated learning and coaching strategies to upgrade your brain.

The Side-Hustle Sprint

12 Weeks: 6 x 60min Sessions

Running a side-hustle is tough. Whether you're writing a book, running a side-business for extra revenue, setting up a coaching business or looking to make the leap and leave the day job to set up on your own.

During a Side-Hustle Sprint you will implement models from Coaching, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Strategic Intervention, Tiny Habits® and Lean Startup.

Create the mindset and strategy for success.

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The Founder Sprint

20 Weeks: 10 x 60min Sessions

The Founder sprint is specifically for founders working the problem/solution fit stage through to product/market fit. 

We'll kick-off setting your Sprint OKRs and design the right programme for you. The goal of this sprint is to move your startup forward while having you perform at your highest level.

We'll use the latest lean startup methodologies along with executive coaching strategies to reduce risk, learn fast and meet your objectives. 

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Hi I’m Mark, back in 1995 I became one of the world's first Grand Masters of Memory and last year I was Memory Coach on Channel 4's, Can I Improve My Memory.  

My own journey goes from actor, game show creator, trainer and coach to working for the likes of BBC, Microsoft and Telegraph, leading world-class digital products to millions of customers.

Having had numerous side-hustles and startups over the years, working with me you won't just receive the highest level of coaching, you'll be working with someone who 'gets' where you are.

I'll partner with you to implement the right set of strategies, so you can create consistent action and results.

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