Total Memory Blueprint Programme


Improve Your Memory by 500% and Become an Expert in Your Field. Gain real world results in your personal life or business. 

To improve your retention and increase memory power this course unlocks content each week for 6 weeks. This gives you the time to complete the activities as you go

  • Access Anytime, Anywhere on Mobile, Tablet, PC: High Quality Learning Content
  • Life time access: Take as long as you need to finish the course


  • 70+ High Quality Video Lessons (value £795 - lifetime access to all videos AND recorded coaching calls)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group - share your experiences, challenges and successes. Get answer to questions! (value £278 yearly)
  • 30 Day Money Back Happiness Guarantee (no-risk)
  • 6 Live Group Coaching Calls (value £636)
  • Two 1-1 Sessions with Mark Channon (value £480, 1 at the beginning and 1 after completion)
  • BONUS: A Full Years Access to Channon Clan with New Videos Every Month (value £374)
  • PLUS: A ticket to "Limitless Event" August 2017 (value £795)


Total Value = £3,358.00
you save 70%

1 Payment of £995
3X Payments of £335

The Total Memory Blueprint will take your memory, ability to learn and build expertise to a whole new level.

Here's what you will learn

  • Creating the ideal mindset for memory and learning
  • Using Tiny Habits® to plant habits and grow behaviors, all without the need for motivation or willpower (this is going to help you smash through the learning curve)
  • Discover Creative Memorisation, the key model to learning anything
  • Master Memory Strategies like the Chain method, Memory Networks, Reference stories
  • Learn how to not just learn information intellectually but get it into your body so you don't just remember it, you really know it!
  • Discover the key to remembering Numbers!
  • Learn 5 key strategies to overcome mind wandering and distractions to become laser focused
  • Word Smarts: expand your vocabulary, give talks without notes or learn scripts word for word
  • Number Smarts: remember pins, bank cards, statistics or research data
  • Picture Smarts: increase your ability to comprehend and remember with visual notes and mindmaps
  • Emotional Smarts: make remembering names second nature, key details in conversations, meetings or networking. Bust through procrastination and overcome anxiety with the animal magic strategyAccelerated Learning: put into practice models which get information not just into your head but into your body be that knowledge or skills
  • Expert in Your Field: learn cutting edge strategies to build expertise in any field. Increase efficiency, productivty and become time rich!
  • Memory Power: to build strength you need to workout whatever the skill. These addictive workouts will continue building momentum
  • Your Next Move: set yourself up to achieve your goals and take the 10 day challenge

 The Tiny Habits® Method, created by Dr. BJ Fogg, behavior scientist at Stanford University.


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