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Meet Mark Channon


In the early 90's I had a reputation for having a really bad memory. Actually like most people I was good with some things, and other things, not so much!

During my time as an actor, a good friend of mine shared a simple memory strategy with me, I got hooked! Within a few years I had created Memory Masters, a gameshow that aired to 8 Milllion people on the BBC and I also became one of the first Grand Masters of Memory in the World (crazy title, I know!)

I’m a coach, speaker and author of Improve Your Memory and The Memory Workbook (Hodder Education).

My passion is to help you improve your memory, learn faster, save time and create a better work/life balance by doing the thing you love.  



If you're serious about performing to the best of your ability, there is nothing that gets results like 1-1 coaching. Find out if it's a right fit for you.


As part of my 1-1 coaching programme you get immediate access to the 6 week Total Memory Blueprint Course, including 70+ videos.

The Total Memory Blueprint

Here's what's included!

Module 1

How much do you trust your own memory? How you talk to yourself and the beliefs you hold can have a massive impact on how your memory performs. Create unstoppable mindsets, behaviours and open up your mind to a new way of thinking.

Memory Mindset

Get clarity on 'why' you want to improve your memory, the challenges you face, creating more time in your life and identifying the right skills to grow.

Tiny HabitsĀ® for Memory

Create new behaviours without the need for willpower or Motivation using the Tiny Habits® Method, created by Dr. BJ Fogg, behaviour scientist at Stanford University.

Memory Setup

Baseline your memory, discover how Creative Memorisation can change the way you learn, remember, understand and ultimately get results in the real world!

Module 2

Building an outstanding memory is a 'skill' and like any other skill you have to start with the basics. However don't be mis-lead, these crazily simple techniques are the basis to remembering conversations, things to do, meeting actions, networking details, presentations, lectures, physical movements (yoga, pilates, dance!), whole subjects and so much more!

Chain Method

One of the most 'effective' and 'mis-understood' strategies out there. In this series of videos unlock the true power and effectiveness of the chain method.

Memory Networks

10X your capacity to remember. Build monster libraries in your mind. Store almost unlimited facts, client data, whole books and more. 

Module 3

Ever have a break-through moment when you are learning something new? These lessons are not for the faint-hearted, push through and by the end of this module you will have the ability to literally 'remember anything' you put your mind too.

Reference Stories

Learn how to take any type of information and make it more memorable, from languages, technical terms and facts.

Number Systems

Master your ability to remember numbers. These video lessons will blow your mind as you test your skills memorising the first 100 digits of PI.

Module 4

Do you get easily distracted? Would you like to confidently stand up and give a presentation without notes? Or be able to refer to key facts and data instantly? Learn skills to get in the zone, talk without notes and be seen as the expert in your field.

Laser Focus

Learn strategies to get instantly focused in any situation. Crush procrastination and overcome information overload.

Word Smarts

Grow your vocabulary, give talks without notes and learn rapidly word for word, including scripts, law cases and medical information.

Number Smarts

Where do numbers show up in your world? Learn how to remember the numbers that matter, including dates, stats, financials and research.

Module 5

Whatever field you work in, having a deep level of certainty about your ability can create a confidence that not only feels 'great' but also moves you forward to perform at your highest levels

Picture Smarts

Build your skills in visual note-taking and mind mapping to better comprehend capture and communicate information and ideas.

Emotional Smarts

Become more present, aware and focused in social situations. Raise your game when it comes to remembering names and conversations.

Module 6

For a set of strategies and techniques to have a real impact they have to become part of how you operate, skills that are implicit and happen without you even having to think about it!

Accelerated Learning

Simple strategies to rapidly increase the rate at which you not just learn intellectually but get knowledge AND skills into your body.

Becoming an Expert

Bring together what you know to design a core set of habits, behaviours and strategy. Setting you on a path of continuous growth towards achieving your goals.

Memory Power

Dialling it up! Designing your daily set of habits, routines and rituals that keeps you sharp, focused, smart and at the top of your game.  

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