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This Morning with Phil and Holly

How to remember names, where you put your keys and how to create unforgettable habits. 


Can I Improve My Memory.

Mark Channon, Memory Coach to Gok Wan, Joey Essex and Valerie Singleton in Channel 4's, Can I Improve My Memory.


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If there was one person who really helped it was you. I passed the California Bar exam. Only 39% passed. It still brings tears to my eyes. I am working in my own practice saving my poor clients who have been denied social security benefits and I was asserting in the car at the top of my voice - I have everything I need within in me now. I am up to my neck in briefs.

Josephine Balakrishnan, Lawyer

Mark Channon, Memory Coach


Hi I’m Mark, back in 1995 I became one of the world's first Grand Masters of Memory. This year I was Memory Coach on Channel 4's, Can I Improve My Memory.  I'm excited to have you join me on this journey to optimise your performance!

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Superhuman Memory

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a superhuman memory? Learn proven strategies backed up by Neuroscience that will take your memory to new heights and give you the skills to learn anything.

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Increase Your Focus

Procrastination, mind wandering and a general lack of focus can have a significant impact on your performance. Beyond memory strategies, learn what it takes to break-through brain fog and sharpen your mind.

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High Performance Habits

Tap into your Emotional Intelligence and learn how to create momentum in your life by utilising the latest strategies in habit and behaviour change. Increase productivity, build resilience and achieve results.

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Mark is not only a fantastic coach but an inspiration. He has a gift of being able to stir up your energy and help you focus it on whatever objective you desire. As a coach he's resourceful, creative, and really helps you break down any barriers you have to being able to get the result you require.

Phill Ash, Analyst

Unlock Your Superhuman Memory

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