SuperHuman Podcast - Applying Memory Techniques to your Life

memory Feb 15, 2017

Becoming SuperHuman Podcast

If you missed it, here's the podcast I did with Jonathan Levi experienced entrepreneur and angel investor from Silicon Valley. Listen in for some great tips!

Here's what we cover

  • How I got into the memory game
  • Teaching beginners to rapidly improve their memory
  • What are the strangest, most unusual applications of memory coaching
  • What is “implicit learning” and how does it work?
  • How to avoid knowing your speech too well during public speaking
  • What are “primer questions” and how do they work?
  • Thoughts on nootropics and other smart drugs
  • Meditation habit, and what is the power behind meditation?
  • Creating and changing habits, and the idea behind “tiny habits®”
  • #1 takeaway for this episode

Enjoy and leave your comments below!



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