Learning Your Lines with Mark Channon

Learning Your Lines: The Compact Guide

This accessible, systematic guide will teach you how to memorise your lines quickly and effectively, and let go of the fear of forgetting them - helping you build confidence and focus, and reducing anxiety and stress around auditions, rehearsal and performance.

Inside, you’ll find dozens of tips, tricks and techniques such as Memory Palaces, Mental Maps, Creative Memorisation, Visual Cues and many more, along with exercises and examples to illustrate how they work in practice. Discover how to harness these tools to strengthen your memory, and develop a personalised line-learning strategy that works for you and your acting process – one that is easier, faster and more enjoyable.


Learning Your Lines: LIVE

with Mark Channon

A FULL Day Advanced Line Learning Event
via Zoom

Getting stressed 10 minutes before the audition? Struggling to get a scene into your head before tomorrow's shoot? Want a better strategy for learning lines before self-taping? Or do you just want to get off book earlier in rehearsals? In this interactive FULL DAY workshop  via Zoom, you’ll learn first hand skills to boost your confidence and learn lines rapidly. 

Discover how to harness advanced brain strategies to strengthen your memory and boost your confidence learning your lines.

What Actors are Saying...

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In this LIVE full day workshop you will learn 7 strategies for rapid line learning.

  • Strategise: Your Superhuman Memory
  • Prepare: Increase Your Levels of Focus
  • Prime: Raise Your Interest and Motivation
  • Connect: Learn without Tension, Stress or Anxiety
  • Embed: Learn Lines Faster and for Longer
  • Rehearse: Move Lines from Your Head into Your Body
  • Perform: Create Confidence in Any Situation
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About Mark

Mark Channon trained and worked as an actor for many years, including at the National Theatre and in the West End. He become one of the first Grand Masters of Memory in the world at the 1995 World Memory Championships. He now works as a trainer and coach in Memory and High Performance.

Having worked with hundreds of actors over the years, Mark has developed a unique approach to line learning that anyone can learn, to reduce stress, increase confidence and perform at the highest level in auditions, in front of the camera and live on stage.

Learning Your Lines: LIVE!

with Mark Channon

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