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How Career Coaching Works

The first step is getting clear on your goal?

Advance your career?
Discover your purpose or next move?
Play and perform "consistently" at your highest level?

We will work together to design an unstoppable mindset, Increase focus and implement a set of high-performance habits that push and pull you towards your goal.

You'll receive 1-1 coaching, plus the latest cutting edge strategies to:

Create a strategic plan for your next move
Overcome brain fog, minimise stress and increase focus
Beat procrastination and improve productivity
Reduce distractions and get the right stuff done
Break negative habits and design high-performance behaviours


The Coaching Programme 

The Process

  • Get Clarity: craft the right set of objectives for your next move, career advancement or transition
  • The Right Strategy: create a Now, Next and Later plan so you are crystal clear on your approach and understand visible and hidden challenges
  • Design Habits: coaching in habit design to break negative habits and  implement a set of high-performance habits that push and pull you towards your goal 
  • Mindset Coaching: create unstoppable mindsets to reduce procrastination, distractions and anxiety so you perform at your best in any situation
  • Track Progress: use our app to capture goals, track progress and analyse where to improve. 
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Career Coaching Activities

All Strategies are Personalised Around Your Unique Objectives

Here are just some of the strategies we will work through:

  • Life story (strengths, passions, areas for growth)
  • Finding your why
  • Value and needs alignment
  • Identifying global and identity beliefs
  • Future memory mapping
  • Role mapping
  • Human Needs Scorecard
  • Balancing work with personal goals
  • Creating career & growth experiments
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(value over £2000).

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Access to Prime Focus

As a 1-1 client you automatically get instant access to our Prime Focus App and Tiny Habits for Focus and Productivity.

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Text Coaching Support

As a 1-1 client you get a blanket of text support via our app. Keep on track with your goals, overcome challenges and get results.

The Side-Hustle Sprint

Running a side-hustle is tough. Whether you're writing a book, running a side-business for extra revenue, setting up a coaching business or looking to make the leap and leave the day job to set up on your own.

During a Side-Hustle Sprint, you will learn tried and tested lean startup methodologies to move your business forward and create demand for your product or service.

If you are side-hustling time is precious so you will also learn strategies to maximise focus, energy and productivity, creating the right mindset and strategy for success.

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The Startup Sprint

The Founder sprint is specifically for early-stage founders working towards the problem/solution fit stage and through to product/market fit. 

We'll kick-off setting your Sprint OKRs and design the right programme for you. The goal of this sprint is to move your startup forward while having you perform at your highest level.

We'll use Continuous Innovation to create customer demand and generate repeatability in your business as you work towards your next round of investment.

To make sure you are working on the right action at the right time we'll adopt high-performance coaching strategies so you are at the top of your game.

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Hi I’m Mark, back in 1995 I became one of the world's first Grand Masters of Memory and was Memory Coach on Channel 4's, Can I Improve My Memory.  

My own journey goes from actor, game show creator, trainer and coach to working for the likes of BBC, Microsoft and Telegraph, leading world-class digital products to millions of customers.

My mission is to inspire people to play at their highest level, so we can live our best lives. Got a question? Feel free to reach out.

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