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How The Product Fit Coaching Programme Works

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The Process

  • Access to Product Fit powered by Leanstack
    • Playbooks from the author of Running Lean, Ash Maurya
    • 6 Tools to Model and Grow your business
      • Lean Canvas
      • Traction Roadmap
      • Story Pitch
      • Rollout Plan
      • Customer Forces Interview Tool
      • Lean Sprints
  • As a Founder, Product Leader or Coach you probably have a strong idea of what you want to do. Having the right level of challenge is essential in keeping your confirmation and innovator biases in check. With 1-1Ā Accountability Coaching you will:
    • Test the viability of your business model
    • Increase traction and scalability
    • Build a high performing team
    • PrioritiseĀ taking the right action at the right time
    • Implement high-performance habits
    • Design a system of productivity to protect your scarcest resource - time

Access the Product Fit Platform, powered by Leanstack

High-quality playbooks from Ash Maurya, Author of Running Lean and Scaling Lean

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Learn how to implement the Continuous Innovation Framework to create traction and repeatability.

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Hi I’m Mark, back in 1995 I became one of the world's first Grand Masters of Memory and last year I was Memory Coach on Channel 4's, Can I Improve My Memory.  

My own journey goes from actor, game show creator, trainer and coach to working for the likes of BBC, Microsoft and Telegraph, leading world-class digital products to millions of customers.

Having had numerous side-hustles and startups over the years, working with me you won't just receive the highest level of coaching, you'll be working with someone who 'gets' where you are.

I'll partner with you to implement the right set of strategies and high levels of accountability so you can create consistent action and results.

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Get Started For FREE

Save $1000s in wasted time and resources every month

Speed of learning gives you the competitive advantage

As a startup founder, what value do you put on just 1 hour of your time?

  • $150
  • $500
  • $1000

If you can save a minimum of 20 working hours a month, by implementing a system that focuses you to work on the right action at the right time, what would that be worth every month?

  • $3000
  • $10000
  • $20000

If you are not seeing the rate of repeatability or growth you expect in your business you could be on the wrong path. 

With ProductFit you will be implementing a system that sets you up to rapidly:

  • Discover insights and hidden challenges
  • Acquire the right set of early adopters and customer segments
  • Activate new customers with a genuine "Ah Ha!" moment
  • Retain happy customers with habitual design
  • Drive Referrals via high UVP resonance
  • Focus on the right business model to generate Revenue
  • Grow customer traction in line with your goals

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Business coaching is usually claimable as an expense, make sure to check this with your accountant.

ProductFit Coaching Package


Limited spots available

  • Two monthly coaching sessions with Mark Channon every month 
  • Access to the FULL Leanstack Platform (Lean Canvas, Traction Model, Lean Sprints, Customer Forces Canvas, Rollout Plan)
  • Access to 4 Continuous Innovation Playbooks by Ash Maurya (Author of Running Lean and Scaling Lean)
  • Bonus High-Performance Content from Mark Channon
  • Access to our coaching app for increased accountability, focus, productivity and high performance
  • You can participate as an individual Founder or as a Team (maximum 7 members)

We currently have 2 spots open to start July 1st 2021

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7+ Video Courses

As a 1-1 client you automatically get instant access to courses on rapid learning, emotional intelligence and more.

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Text Coaching Support

As a 1-1 client you get a blanket of text support via our app. Keep on track with your goals, overcome challenges and get results.

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The Brain Performance Sprint

Design an unstoppable mindset, unleash your superhuman memory, Increase focus and implement a set of high performance Habits.

You'll receive 1-1 mentorship, plus the latest cutting edge strategies to:

  • Reduce Brain-Fog and Distractions
  • Breakthrough Procrastination
  • Overcome Forgetfulness
  • Break Bad Habits and Create Empowering New Ones
  • Let go of Anxiety and Stress
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