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Tiny HabitsĀ® for Rapid Learning

mindset Feb 03, 2018

What if you could create new behaviours without the need for willpower or motivation? This is the promise of Tiny Habits® created by Dr. BJ Fogg, a behaviour scientist at Stanford.

I was introduced to Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg a number of years ago. After putting it into practice myself and experiencing the positive change it can have, I decided to train up as a certified coach in Tiny Habits.

You can apply Tiny Habits to any area of your life and it's super simple. Since learning how...

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Daily Memory Training

memory Jan 22, 2018

When I first started learning about memory techniques, I always assumed they were tricks. After 25 years of putting Creative Memorisation into practice, early on I came to realize they were way more than this!

Memory is a Skill

When you understand how mnemonics or memory techniques work and more importantly figure out how to use them in your life, it's clear that they are in fact a skill. Like any other skill, you have to practice and rehearse to become good enough to use that skill in your...

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Priming for Daily Success

focus Dec 15, 2017

The Power of Priming

Priming is one of those things that we are constantly exposed to, it affects the decisions we make, what we pay attention to and believe it or not, what we remember.

"Priming is where the exposure to one stimulus, influences the response to another stimulus"

>> read to the bottom and access a 25 minute video lesson on Priming

Have you ever been in that situation where you buy a new gadget and you start to 'notice' that other people have the same gadget? I remember...

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How to Triple your Reading Speed

reading Oct 23, 2017

What if you could triple your reading speed, double your comprehension AND remember more than you do today, what difference would that make in your career or business?

Read to the end and check out my bonus 1 hour Speed Reading Webinar

Speed reading can be an outstanding strategy to overcome information overload, filter out what is important and save you precious time to do the things that will add value to your life. While the process of reading quickly is core to the process,...

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Memory Mindset Passing the California Bar Exam

focus memory mindset Jun 04, 2017

"If there was one person who really helped it was you. I passed the California Bar exam. Only 39% passed. It was really scary as you know."

- Josephine

If you were to rate your memory on a scale of 1-10, 1 being very poor and 10 being outstanding, what number would you choose?

What I've observed over the years is, in reality a persons memory ability is way better than they give it credit for. There is usually an area or two that doesn't perform as well as a person would like and...

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SuperHuman Podcast - Applying Memory Techniques to your Life

memory Feb 15, 2017

Becoming SuperHuman Podcast

If you missed it, here's the podcast I did with Jonathan Levi experienced entrepreneur and angel investor from Silicon Valley. Listen in for some great tips!

Here's what we cover

  • How I got into the memory game
  • Teaching beginners to rapidly improve their memory
  • What are the strangest, most unusual applications of memory coaching
  • What is “implicit learning” and how does it work?
  • How to avoid...
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10 Tips to Improve Your Memory

memory Jan 14, 2017

Read to the bottom to test out your skills

1. Prime yourself

When something sparks your interest your attention generally increases along with your memory. Use this natural process to boost your ability remember. Try asking yourself a simple question, “What is interesting about X?” and expect to get an answer. Use this to help remembering names, books or even dance steps!

2. Get into the moment

Ever had the sense that when someone is talking to you they are not quite...

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How to Memorise a Pack of Cards in 5 Minutes

memory Jun 11, 2016

A few days back I received a Tweet from @LeighStirrup asking if it was possible to learn how to memorise a pack of cards in 4 weeks and then do it live on an internet radio show in just 3/4 minutes. It was late so I said “tough, but possible”.

The next morning I saw another tweet and this blog post. My first thought was, wow he’s serious! My next thought was, “mmm, how much training will he have to do to accomplish this or get close?”

So, I did the rough...

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