Memory Mindset Passing the California Bar Exam

"If there was one person who really helped it was you. I passed the California Bar exam. Only 39% passed. It was really scary as you know."

- Josephine

If you were to rate your memory on a scale of 1-10, 1 being very poor and 10 being outstanding, what number would you choose?

What I've observed over the years is, in reality a persons memory ability is way better than they give it credit for. There is usually an area or two that doesn't perform as well as a person would like and because of this there is a general sense of a 'poor memory'. Think about it...

Trust is Key

How much do you trust your own memory? What do you tell yourself about how good your memory is? What words do you use to describe it? The beliefs you hold can have a massive impact on how your memory performs. I've seen this time and time again working with clients. This is why creating an unstoppable mindset on how good your memory is now and how great it can be is an essential first part to...

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How to Triple your Reading Speed

speed reading Apr 23, 2017

What if you could triple your reading speed, double your comprehension AND remember more than you do today, what difference would that make in your career or business?

Speed reading can be an outstanding strategy to overcome information overload, filter out what is important and save you precious time to do the things that will add value to your life. While the process of reading quickly is core to the process, you would be right to think there is much more to it.

It’s all about choice

If you want to get from London to Brighton, make a few stops along the way and quickly get to your destination, would you choose a car or a bicycle? In this scenario a car would be your best form of transport. If however, it is a sunny day and you want to enjoy the scenery with a group of friends, perhaps a bicycle is more suited. Being able to do both offers you greater choice. You could think of reading in the same way, there will be occasions when you want to savour a book and enjoy...

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Priming for Daily Success

priming Mar 31, 2017

The Power of Priming

Priming is one of those things that we are constantly exposed to, it affects the decisions we make, what we pay attention to and believe it or not, what we remember.

"Priming is where the exposure to one stimulus, influences the response to another stimulus"

Have you ever been in that situation where you buy a new gadget and you start to 'notice' that other people have the same gadget? I remember buying an iPhone 5 when it first came out and I could swear before I bought it, hardly anyone had one. Then, the first day, it was like everyone had one! To be fair that may have 'actually' been the case. The point is I was primed, my interest had been sparked off and I was unconsciously aware of this item. What if you could:

  • Take 'control' of what you were primed for?
  • Be aware of what you unconsciously pay attention to?
  • Prime yourself for daily success?

Think about it. If you paid attention to the things you remember as opposed to all of the things you forget, how...

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10 Tips to Improve Your Memory

memory boosters Jan 15, 2017

Read to the bottom to test out your skills

1. Prime yourself

When something sparks your interest your attention generally increases along with your memory. Use this natural process to boost your ability remember. Try asking yourself a simple question, “What is interesting about X?” and expect to get an answer. Use this to help remembering names, books or even dance steps!

2. Get into the moment

Ever had the sense that when someone is talking to you they are not quite ‘there’, or perhaps you have found yourself drifting when someone is in a meaningful conversation. Having the ability to become present, not thinking about that past or future and in the ‘here and now’ is a powerful strategy to increase your memory. Practice focusing on a single object and studying it in every detail, feeling completely present, gently pushing any thoughts of the day ahead aside. Try re-creating this feeling during day to day conversations.

3. Listen on Many Levels

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How to Memorise a Pack of Cards in 5 Minutes

memory training Jun 11, 2016

A few days back I received a Tweet from @LeighStirrup asking if it was possible to learn how to memorise a pack of cards in 4 weeks and then do it live on an internet radio show in just 3/4 minutes. It was late so I said “tough, but possible”.

The next morning I saw another tweet and this blog post. My first thought was, wow he’s serious! My next thought was, “mmm, how much training will he have to do to accomplish this or get close?”

So, I did the rough maths and estimated about 15 hours per week for 4 weeks. Leigh said he could commit about 7 hours realistically. So to give him the best chance of success I’ve broken down a suggested strategy to follow. 

WARNING: This is not for the faint hearted! Think of it like the training scene in Rocky where he's getting in shape for the big fight but without the raw eggs...

If you fancy taking this challenge yourself, then here’s what it will take... Leigh, this is for you....

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SuperHuman Podcast - Applying Memory Techniques to your Life

memory boosters Jun 05, 2016

Becoming SuperHuman Podcast

If you missed it, here's the podcast I did with Jonathan Levi experienced entrepreneur and angel investor from Silicon Valley. Listen in for some great tips!

Here's what we cover

  • How I got into the memory game
  • Teaching beginners to rapidly improve their memory
  • What are the strangest, most unusual applications of memory coaching
  • What is “implicit learning” and how does it work?
  • How to avoid knowing your speech too well during public speaking
  • What are “primer questions” and how do they work?
  • Thoughts on nootropics and other smart drugs
  • Meditation habit, and what is the power behind meditation?
  • Creating and changing habits, and the idea behind “tiny habits®”
  • #1 takeaway for this episode

Enjoy and leave your comments below!


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